Solutions for
Perfect Thermal Management

Filter fans
and more

Extreme high temperatures in enclosures and switch cabinets may cause malfunctions of electrical and electronic components. Our filter fan range, roof filter fans and further ventilation products prevent an overheating and the impairment of installations reliably.

To Filter Fans
To 19" Fan Tray

Filter Fan Plus

FPI/FPO 92x92 mm

FPI/FPO 124x124 mm

FPI/FPO 176x176 mm

FPI/FPO 223x223 mm

FPI/FPO 291x291 mm

Filter Fan Plus - DC Line

FPI/FPO DC Line 92x92 mm

FPI/FPO DC Line 124x124 mm

FPI/FPO DC Line 176x176 mm

Hose-Proof Hood

FFH 086 | IP56

Filter fans

FF 018, 21 - 102 m³/h

FF 018, 200 m³/h

FF 018, 300 m³/h

FF 018, 550 m³/h

FF 018 Outdoor

RFP 018, 300 m³/h & 500 m³/h

19" Fan Tray

LE 019, 486 - 1458 m³/h


SJ 019, 27.6 m³/h