Solutions for
Perfect Thermal Management

and Hygrostats

Ensure ideal conditions in your enclosures and switch cabinets with our temperature and humidity control systems: our temperature regulators and hygrostats control and regulate connected heaters, filter fans and heat exchangers in both AC as well as DC applications (DC regulators).

To Regulators
To Hazardous Area Thermostat


Thermostats KTO 011/KTS 011

Thermostats STO 011/STS 011

Thermostats FTO 011/FTS 011

Thermostat ZR 011

Thermostat FTD 011

Thermostat FZK 011

Electronic Thermostat ETR 011

Electronic Thermostat ET 011 (DC)

Electronic Thermostat ETL 011 (DC)

Hygrostat MFR 012

Electronic Hygrostat EFR 012

Electronic Hygrostat EFL 012 (DC)

Hygrotherm ETF 012

Hygrotherm ETF 012 w/sensor

Switch Module DCM 010

Electronic Thermostat DCT 010

Electronic Hygrostat DCF 010

Hazardous Area Thermostat

Thermostat REx 011 (T6)