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Trouble-free performance of your electronics is our concern! To protect them even more from humidity and external influences, we added the new Hose-Proof Hood FFH 086 to our Filter Fan Plus series. As an effective protective cover for filter fans, as well as intake and exit filters, it increases the protection class of your applications to IP56. Thus securely preventing the penetration of dust and water projected by a hose.

The FFH 086 Hose-Proof Hood is designed for outdoor use and for industrial applications in harsh environmental conditions. The use of stainless steel ensures protection against extreme weather conditions and impact resistance. The hood fits perfectly onto our filter fan series FPI 018, FPO 018 and FF 018 and also onto devices with standard dimensions from other manufacturers.

As always, we have paid particular attention to your added value and equipped our Hose-Proof Hood with these practical features:


Hose-Proof Hood FFH 086 features:
  • Filter mat change from outside:
    To change the filter mat, you only have to remove the hood, opening the control cabinet is not necessary.

  • The food safe, external silicone sealing facilitates cleaning.

  • Approved quality and safety through testing by renowned institutes.


Look and see here to get an impression of the versatile capabilities
of the FFH 086!

Hose-Proof Hood FFH 086

Hose-Proof Hood FFH 086