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Electronics do not sleep! STEGO lighting solutions safeguard that functional checks of electronic installations can be carried out day and night. Our LED and energy saving lights – LED 025, KL 025 and SL 025 - provide ergonomic lighting conditions in your enclosures and control cabinets.

Whether you opt for a solution with LED lamps or energy saving lamp - all STEGO lights are up-to-date, innovative and fully comply with EU directives. It is important for us to make this clear. Contrary to rumors in the market we want to assure you: the use of STEGO lights with energy-saving lamps in your applications is future-proof and can be recommended unconditionally.

Our engineers and designers paid attention to use the latest power supply units during the product design phase. As a result, our energy saving lights - KL 025 and SL 025 - fully comply with the EU directive on energy efficiency EU 245/2009 since the start. Of course this is also the case for our LED lights.

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LED 025 Ecoline
Slimline Leuchte SL 025 Kompakt-Leuchte KL 025

LED 025

Slimline Light SL 025

Compact Light KL 025