We have expanded our lamp series LED 025 for our customers as it has gained significant popularity
since this product line was introduced by STEGO four years ago.

We can now also offer a low voltage version in 12V with on-off switch. Accessories, such as
connection cables, extension cables as well as female and male connectors suitable for 12V are, of
course, also available.

Additionally the complete LED 025 product line is now also available with clip fixing. This means you
have a choice between three different fixing methods for all lamp versions: magnet or screw fixing,
and brand new clip fixing. The particular highlight of this new fixing method are the clips that were
specifically designed for the LED 025. The clips are screwed to the wall as needed and the lamp is
simply snapped into the clip holders. As the lamp can be turned within the clip holders and the light
is directed as needed, the application is always perfectly illuminated.

Besides the added advantage of the clip fixing, you can benefit from the known advantages of the LED 025 series:

  • Integrated power unit

  • Quick connection by plug contacts

  • Daisy chain

  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free due to LED technology

  • On/off switch or movement sensor 

With the variety of different versions and configuration options you are sure to find the perfect LED
lamp for your application. The technical data and new article numbers can be found here.

For a price quotation, request of samples or if you have questions, please contact us at info@stego.de.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Best regards,

Your STEGO team